Well 2015 continues to tick by, day by day.  The fifth month of the year has arrived.  My tulips are blooming and the Magnolia tree is full of blossoms!  It is so beautiful this year! (I know I say that every year, but it truly is beautiful this year!).  I love the color of the trees this time of year.  It is that special Spring Green that only lasts a couple weeks as the new leaves are developing.  This color is never seen again the entire year.

With May comes Cinco de Mayo, and have 2 Spanish as a first language son-in-laws. This is one day I better remember! My bucket list includes a trip to Mexico over a Cinco de Mayo celebration time period.  I bet it will be great – like New Orleans, LA over Mardi Gras.

Then another school year will come to a close for my son.  He will be entering his High School Junior year in August.  I remember the days when I never thought he would get into high school (with me having to “take him out” so to speak frequently) and here he is nearly half way through already.  Time continues to fly by!  I remember Mr. Morrissey and Mrs. Beaman consoling and supporting me during a few very difficult parental times when my son was in the early Elementary years.

Then there is Memorial Day to close out the month.  When my girls were young, this holiday meant a trip to Frankenmuth, MI for the weekend, with just me, myself and I.  A weekend get away for me as the girls would be spending the holiday with their father.  Now both of my daughters have children and husbands and very full, busy lives.

I no longer go to Frankenmuth over this weekend.  Instead I look forward to the celebration my church has, honoring the United States’ soldiers both in active duty and retired, and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for my freedoms.  This service never gets old to me, even though it occurs every year.  God Bless the USA!!!

This month is also National Scrapbooking month.  For those of you who know me personally, it means more paper cuts, a depletion of my double stick tape and replacing my paper cutter blade a couple times.  I can not wait to get good and ink-y tomorrow, on National Scrapbook Day!  It is going to be a fun and productively relaxing day for me.

Enjoy your May and all that it has in store for you!  Before long it will be June and the temperatures will be rising.  Until the next time………